hose holder

The Modular Hose Holder is an innovative solution designed for fire halls to efficiently manage and organize hoses and firefighting equipment.

  • 6’ Design Structural Steel Construction: The hose holder is crafted from durable structural steel, ensuring robustness and longevity to withstand the rigors of firefighting environments.
  • Easily Assembled: With a user-friendly design, the hose holder can be easily assembled without the need for specialized tools or extensive setup time, allowing fire hall personnel to quickly deploy and utilize the system.
  • Welded Design: The welded construction enhances the overall strength and stability of the hose holder, providing a reliable platform for storing firefighting equipment securely.
  • Modular Components for Endless Customizations: The system features modular components that offer versatility and flexibility to tailor the storage setup according to the specific requirements of each fire hall. These include:
    • Easily Detachable Hose Reel: Facilitates convenient access to space saving hose reeling.
    • Hose Holders: Securely store hoses in an organized manner, minimizing clutter and optimizing space utilization.
    • Misc Wire Bins: Provide additional storage for miscellaneous items ensuring everything is readily accessible when needed.
    • Bottle Holders: Safely store bottles with our tank holders utilizing a strap to keep them secured.
    • Hose Dryer Attachment: Helps to dry hoses efficiently, reducing the risk of mold or mildew buildup and prolonging the lifespan of firefighting equipment.
  • Portable on Casters: Equipped with casters, the hose holder offers portability and ease of movement, allowing for convenient relocation within the fire hall as needed.
  • Powdercoat Finish: The powder coat finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the hose holder but also provides an added layer of protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring durability even in demanding environments.
  • Fully Customizable Heights: The system can be customized to accommodate varying height requirements, enabling optimal organization and accessibility of equipment based on individual preferences and space constraints.
  • North American Made: Manufactured in North America, the hose holder adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring reliability, and supporting local craftsmanship and manufacturing.

In conclusion, the Modular Hose Holder offers a versatile, durable, and customizable solution for fire halls to efficiently manage firefighting equipment, promoting organization, accessibility, and operational readiness.

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